The Lords Are Coming…

List Lords is a Whitelist Society aiming to offer utility and value to holders from day one and for the duration that you hold our NFT membership pass, don’t just judge us on an empty claim though, we already have done this with Blue Chip Sniper Club achieving many high profile whitelist spots since we launched back in January 2022.

lord map

Lord Map

Roadmaps are for cars, we are lords of the whitelist so we follow a Lord Map instead and here is what you can expect by holding our NFT membership pass…

phase 1


• WL Launch – We begin WL Mint for Blue Chip Sniper pass holders and those who have contributed to our Discord and earned Lord List status..PS our contract is optimised for cheap gas ERC721A.

• Public Launch – Public sale opens, aiming for a quick sell out so we can use funds to improve Discord, website, promotion in order to grow so we appeal more for big NFT projects WL spots.

• Whitelists – We begin to add desirable WL spots to our very own WL market place and you can begin acquiring them with your earned coins. Adding utility from launch is our aim.



• WL Market Place – We begin work on finalising our WL market place, this is where you can spend coins earned via your NFT membership card from our mint…No need to stake it though your pass will earn coins automatically saving you gas fees.

• Alpha – We look to secure exclusive Alpha providers and pay them for their services meaning holders get professional level info and calls making the chances of profiting from their NFT buying a lot more likely.

• NFT Tool Kit – We now look to add NFT tools for our holders, bots, reports such as Nansen and Icy tools etc, we also employ a highly respected NFT analyst for the groups benefit. 



PFP Project – We begin work on our very own PFP Project, All current List Lord and Blue Chip Sniper holders will be looked after come mint day, We find the best art we can and make something highly valuable going forward and also adding further utility and more foundation to build our group upon.

Community Focused – We take every step based on what the community wants us to deliver form it, you will guide the ship and we all will prosper from the voyage!


Just because we have nothing else on the Lord Map yet doesn’t mean we will be stopping there! NO We will continue to innovate and find new ways of the community prospering long term.

The longer you hold the more you will gain

Track Record..

We are proud of what we have already achieved so far and we know that we can deliver more value and success to more  people with List Lords, here are the projects we have previously worked on.


I Launched back in 2021 to compete with the likes of Rarity Tools who were charging an obscene amount of money to list NFT drops, It has quickly grown and continues to grow in the space each day.


Launched by me and Bluechip in January 2022 we wanted to offer a small tight nit community that helped each other profit from NFTs, with WL spots such as Zipcy’s and Everai achieved we certainly accomplished our aim.

List Lords

lis tlords

List Lords is our latest project and we want it to be one of the best things we have accomplished, our members at Blue Chip Snipers can vouch for hard we work and we always aim to deliver value for holders.


Q: When is the Mint?
A: 29th May 2022

Q: What is the Mint Price?
A: 0.04 ETH

Q: What is the supply?
A: 5000

Q: Is there a rarity?
A: NO, Every membership pass will be the same and hold the same value

Q: How can I mint?
A: You will need to have a web3 wallet with Ethereum funds ( e.g. Metamask ). You will connect your wallet to our official website and mint the NFT token on launch date.

Q: How do I get Whitelisted?
A: You will need to be active in the Discord, Invite people and be a part of a community that wants to build something special.

Note: We are going to be very selective with the amount of whitelist spots and who gets them

Meet The Team



Discord- NFTdropList | Blue Chip Snipers#2056
Twitter – @NFTDropsList

Co founder of Blue Chip Sniper Club and, NFT OG and entrepreneur.



Co founder of Blue Chip Sniper Club, NFT OG and investor, Alpha specialist.

Discord- BlueChip#7029

mystery man

Contract Developer

Proven track record in low gas ERC721A Contracts, and other more advanced projects

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